Don’t Forget To Register Your Pet!

With the deadline for registration fast approaching, Wyndham residents are being reminded to protect their beloved dogs or cats by registering them with Wyndham City.

Pets must have their registrations renewed by Monday 10th April, 2017, to ensure they are returned home safely if they ever go missing.

Wyndham City’s Environment and Sustainability Portfolio Holder, Cr Heather Marcus, said it was also important to let Council know if you had recently moved house.

“There are over 20,000 dogs and 6,000 cats registered in Wyndham, making it easier for Council to reunite people with their beloved pets if they escape or go missing,” Cr Marcus said.

“If your pet is not registered when it goes missing, it could be mistaken as a stray and it may be difficult for Council to return it to you.”

“The same is also true for people who have recently changed their address or contact details. You should let Council know of your new details so we can get in touch with you if we find your missing pet.”

“It’s also important to remember that the revenue from pet registrations is used by Council to provide the community with infrastructure like off lead dog areas, free microchipping days, the popular Pet and Animal Expo and dog walking programs.”

If you have not received your pet registration renewal notice call Wyndham City on 9742 0777.

Pet registrations can be payed online. For more information visit

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