Mobile Marketing and the Future of E-Commerce

There are several new trends emerging in the world of E-Commerce, but perhaps the most prevalent is that of social networking and its effects on the current online market. In previous years, the growing popularity of Cyber Monday was fed by a blast of email marketing messages, which continued throughout the holiday shopping season as online retailers sought to capture larger revenues from consumers.
Although not nearly as popular as social network marketing, mobile marketing is also gaining momentum as more and more consumers switch to cell phones with web browsing capabilities. Already suitably referred to as “m-commerce”, mobile marketing will get a large push from the availability of a wide variety of apps utilized by consumers with smartphones. As mobile marketing is still a relatively young market, smartphone consumer shopping habits are still being studied, but new mobile marketing techniques and strategies are sure to emerge as businesses begin to understand these habits. 

The Personal Touch

The idea of shopping via a faceless machine in a store that exists only in cyberspace and is devoid of personality doesn’t appeal very much to some, and online retailers are aware of this. Businesses are trying to integrate more of personal feel and a rich, rewarding shopping experience into their websites, with customer service gaining valuable attention. Customer service in brick and mortar stores has been sorely lacking, so it is refreshing to see many online retailers committed to ensuring consumers are happy with their shopping experience from beginning to end.

From websites that remember returning customers and present specially tailored recommendations, to better on-site search engines, to clear, concise information and easy-to-use secure shopping carts, many consumers are choosing online shopping in favor of traditional brick and mortar stores.

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