Stress beating tech to keep you sane

You’d be forgiven for assuming that wearable tech is all about fitness trackers to help shed the pounds and keeping you on track to reach your fitness goals.

Over the past year there’s been a steady rise in tech aimed at keeping our minds in shape, just as much as our bodies. A recent survey revealed that stress tracking is one of the most wanted features from wearable tech, while major players like Apple is even getting in on the calming act.

There’s been little conclusive research to date into the benefits of strapping tech to ourselves to keep us more calm, more grounded and more focused. But we’ve collected together some of the most interesting devices that claim to be built for your brain that you can buy now and one that’ll be arriving soon.

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple’s second generation smartwatch is sportier, but it’s not all about tracking your runs and swims without your iPhone.

Thanks to the new watchOS 3 software update, the Cupertino company has introduced a new Breathe app with the goal of helping you to relax by focusing on your breathing.

Using Apple’s taptic engine, you can pick from one or five minute sessions. A series of small vibrating buzzes will replicate a more calming breathing rhythm as you follow the instructions on the Watch display. It will also monitor heart rate to add to your breathing session data.


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