Walk This Way!

Walk Sport

Wyndham City is encouraging residents who walk throughout the municipality to help shine a spotlight on the safety issues related to their favourite walking spots. The information will then be used to prepare a report on the issues that concern people while walking around their neighbourhoods. Wyndham City has joined forces with the WalkSpot Project, a collaboration between Victoria Walks and CrowdSpot. The six week project aims to find out what areas throughout Melbourne people think are safe or unsafe to go for a walk. To take part residents can…

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Don’t Forget To Register Your Pet!

With the deadline for registration fast approaching, Wyndham residents are being reminded to protect their beloved dogs or cats by registering them with Wyndham City. Pets must have their registrations renewed by Monday 10th April, 2017, to ensure they are returned home safely if they ever go missing. Wyndham City’s Environment and Sustainability Portfolio Holder, Cr Heather Marcus, said it was also important to let Council know if you had recently moved house. “There are over 20,000 dogs and 6,000 cats registered in Wyndham, making it easier for Council to…

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