The Hottest Hairstyle at Fashion Week Is Not on the Runways


For a few seasons now, the messy, too-cool-(or busy)-to-get-a-blowout topknot has been the go-to updo for the hip girls — off-duty models and editors — especially during fashion week when shampooing regularly isn’t an option. But this New York Fashion Week, a new iteration of the seasons-old topknot has surfaced and offers yet another way to get your hair out of your face, create a semblance of an updo and avoid washing your hair. It’s basically a half-up, half-down version of the go-to style. This demi-twist actually seems a bit…

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Tapping global talent to improve travel times - global talent

The City of Melbourne and its partners today launched a global innovation challenge to find creative ways to improve people’s commutes and make travelling across our city a more enjoyable experience. ​The Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge invites problem solvers, entrepreneurs, technology developers and creative thinkers to submit their ideas for reducing transport congestion while also combatting social isolation. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said the 100 Resilient Cities Network selected Melbourne as one of only four cities in the world to participate in the challenge. “The Rockefeller Foundation has given the…

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Creating stock images of ‘data’ and ‘bitcoin’ hard, OK?


A few weeks ago, I was snarky about stock imagery on the internet. I was looking for photos of “people coding,” and the options were decidedly bad — think word clouds and whiteboards. But how would I go about translating such an ephemeral idea into visual form? Honestly, I had no idea. Stock imagery has played a significant role in developing the visual language of technology. If you imagine all hackers wear black and hunch over green screens in dark rooms, that’s thanks to film and television to be sure,…

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Apple TV is finally changing the living room

Apple TV

In so many ways, TV has never been better. The shows are amazing. Live sports and news coverage go beyond anything you might have imagined. The options are almost dizzying. And the way you watch has evolved with apps. Apps give you control over what, when and where you want to watch. But something happened as we marched into this exciting new era. The overall TV experience got left behind. Apple TV simplifies it all. It’s designed for you to easily navigate and, most importantly, fully enjoy this new world of…

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Village Roadshow Entertainment

Founded by the late Mr. Roc Kirby in 1954 in Melbourne, Australia with a drive-in cinema, Village Roadshow has been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) since 1988. With the Company’s roots still based in Melbourne, few are aware of the breadth or the diversity of Village Roadshow’s entertainment and media assets. Today, Village Roadshow operates core businesses in Theme Parks, Film and DVD Distribution, Cinema Exhibition, Film Production and Marketing Solutions. While creating strong and diverse earnings streams, these businesses are complementary, targeting a similar customer demographic and…

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7 Surprising Foods to Combat Colds

Runny nose, congestion, sore throat, sneezing. Yep, sounds like it could be a cold. While cold symptoms vary (and can also include headaches and fever), all colds are respiratory infections caused by more than 200 possible viruses. With so many viruses waiting to take hold, another way of thinking of it is that a cold is caused by a weak immune system that allows the virus to set in. “There’s no magic superfood for combatting the common cold. However, there are numerous foods and nutrients that can play helpful roles…

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The Hottest Wearable Tech and Smart Gadgets of 2017

Mixed Reality

If 2016 was the year of VR, 2017 belongs to mixed reality, bringing the real and virtual worlds together. More and more big hitters in the tech world are saying that mixing AR and VR together is the answer. Leading the way is Microsoft with HoloLens and its Windows Holographic platform, which will let partners make their own headsets. Then there’s Magic Leap and its mysterious technology which very few eyes have seen yet. Maybe we’ll finally, finally see the “photonic lightfield chip” in action in the new year possibly…

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What does a great lifestyle mean to you

Many factors contribute to your health. Some things, like genetic predisposition to diseases and age, are beyond your control, but many lifestyle choices can have a profound impact on your wellness. Take control of your health by creating habits and making choices that will improve your physical and emotional well-being. Always talk with your doctor before making changes to your diet or starting an exercise program. Be Active Daily physical activity can greatly improve your quality of life and lifespan — but according to the American Heart Association, 70 percent…

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Bill Gates: There should be a ‘robot tax’ on the machines that take your jobs

Automation is part of the future, and Bill Gates is already thinking about what that means for our government. The billionaire Microsoft founder philosophized about the future of automation in an interview with Quartz. Robots are coming for lots of jobs, he said, and wouldn’t it be fair if they paid taxes, too? “Right now if a human worker does, you know, $50,000 worth of work in a factory, that income is taxed. If a robot comes in to do the same thing, you’d think that we’d tax the robot…

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Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 Review: Pricing Is Everything

gigabyte gfore

Today, NVIDIA launched the GeForce GTX 950, its new entry-mainstream graphics card priced at $160. Sub-$200 has always been a problematic area for NVIDIA because of price-performance comparisons to AMD, with the company selling more volumes only because of a better-proliferated sales and marketing network. AMD’s recent product launches, such as the Radeon R7 360, R7 370, and R7 380, put even more heat on NVIDIA. Particularly the Radeon R7 370 irritates NVIDIA. Priced at $149, the card offers better performance than the similarly priced GTX 750 Ti. It takes…

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